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Why Use a Fire Extinguisher Stand?

fire extinguisher stand

According to UK fire safety law, all businesses must have fire extinguishers on site. As the first line of defence against fire, they provide the most effective means to prevent small fires from spreading and causing catastrophic damage. But once you’ve got your fire extinguishers, it’s not always clear what the best way to store them might be. While some businesses prefer to wall mount their fire extinguishers, in some scenarios, we recommend the use of a fire extinguisher stand. Here’s why.

Why Use Fire Extinguisher Stands in Your Business

What is the point of a fire extinguisher stand?

The reason why many businesses choose to wall mount their fire extinguishers is because it ensures they remain where they’re meant to be. Both the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and British Standard BS5306 legislation dictate that firefighting equipment must always be easy to find and stored in its allocated place.

When fire extinguishers are wall-mounted, they are much less likely to wander off and be used as improvised door stops. However, there are some scenarios where wall mounting simply isn’t practical. Perhaps where partition walls are made from thin plasterboard. Or where low windows leave no viable space. That’s where fire extinguisher stands come in.


The different types of fire extinguisher stand

Aesthetics matter in a business. That’s why there is a complete range of fire extinguisher stands available. They come in different styles and colours. From blocky pillar box red to sinuous and slinky burnished metal pipework frames, and small, unobtrusive backless floor stands. Allowing you to choose a style that most suits the look and feel of your business.


How do you choose the right fire extinguisher stands?

Choosing a fire extinguisher stand will often come down to four things.

  1. The space you have available.
  2. Portability – in some sectors, such as construction, you need fire extinguisher stands that can be easily moved.
  3. Your preferred aesthetic.
  4. How much you want to spend.

The larger red stands are popular, simply because they really stand out. And the last thing you want your fire extinguishers to be is unobtrusive. But with the designer models, you can make a feature of your extinguishers, while still ensuring that they are fully accessible, in line with current legislation.


Where should you site fire extinguisher stands?

Your fire risk assessment should be your guide as to which fire extinguishers you need and where you should place them. In most cases, businesses will require at least two Class A powder fire extinguishers per floor. But depending upon the nature of your business and the equipment you have on site, you may require additional fire extinguisher types. And they should be positioned somewhere that is easily accessible.


Fire extinguisher stands are not essential for all businesses. If you have the wall space to hang them safely, then that’s a perfectly viable option. But where that’s not possible, a fire extinguisher stand will always be the best solution.

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