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Upgrade Your Monitored Alarm Signalling Systems

Jul 24, 2023 | Fire Alarms, Fire Safety

Monitored Alarm Signalling System

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Monitored Alarm

Monitored fire alarm systems are one of the safest and most effective means of protecting your business against fire damage. When the alarm is triggered, the professional monitoring service is notified, usually via landline, or sometimes a 3G or 4G network. Helping to reduce the number of false alarms – and thus business disruption – while providing a rapid response to alarm activations.

But… telephone services are changing. And there’s every chance that your existing monitored fire alarm could soon be defunct. So, what do you need to know?


Why Should You Upgrade Your Monitored Fire Alarm Now?

The changing telephone network

It’s no secret that the technology behind our telephone networks has evolved dramatically in recent years. And we’ve now reached the stage where Openreach will be completely shutting down the traditional phone network by 2025. In its place is the new all-IP service, which some customers are already being moved to.


What does this mean for your monitored fire alarm system?

Right now, your monitored fire alarm system uses the old phone network to send signals when your alarm is activated. These signals trigger the monitoring service, and help is raised if necessary. Once your business has been moved to the all-IP digital phone service, your alarm system will not be able to communicate with your monitoring service.

The timeframe for this switchover will vary according to region and telephone network supplier. But it will happen within the next two years.

So, how can you prepare?


What do you need to do?

Phone companies will be in touch to let you know when the switchover will take place for you. This will vary by phone service provider and location, you don’t have to wait for this, by acting now will ensure you are one step ahead in keeping your business safe.

Contact 1st Class Fire Protection today as your local installer for the BT Redcare system. We’ll help with upgrading your fire alarm signalling to one of BT Redcare’s future-proofed alarm products.

Why use a BT Redcare system?

  • 35+ years’ alarm signalling experience
  • Enhanced signalling and encrypted from end-to-end
  • Products use little power and come in recyclable packaging

1st Class Fire Protection is an industry-leading fire protection company serving customers throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, and the surrounding areas of Cambridgeshire. If you need support upgrading your monitored fire alarm system, then get in touch today.

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