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Upgrade Your Alarm Signalling to BT Redcare

Jul 24, 2023 | Fire Alarms

Alarm Signalling Upgrade Offer

Alarm Signalling is Changing – Act Now to Upgrade To BT Redcare

Openreach has begun upgrading the UK telephone network. Removing traditional analogue phone lines for replacement with an entirely digital network. This means that your current fire alarm monitoring system may soon become non-operational, unable to send signals when the alarm is triggered.

So, it’s time for a BT Redcare Next Generation upgrade. But what do you need to know?


Why do you need to upgrade your monitored alarm system?

Openreach is in the process of transforming the UK telephone network. According to the current schedule, the old network will be completely offline by 2025. Meaning that any analogue alarm systems still in place will no longer be able to communicate. Necessitating an upgrade in order to keep your property protected. BT Redcare – with 1st Class Fire Protection – could provide a solution.


What is BT Redcare Next Generation?

Unless you have recently invested in a monitored fire alarm upgrade, your current system will rely upon the traditional phone network to send signals to your monitoring service. The BT Redcare product range has been future-proofed to guarantee compatibility with the new digital telephone network.


What are the benefits of upgrading to BT Redcare?

Because the BT Redcare products are newer and built upon a digital infrastructure, they are able to respond much more quickly than most existing fire alarm systems. Sending signals in a matter of seconds, and reporting connectivity issues to the alarm receiving centre within 60 minutes.

What’s more, with BT Redcare, you can receive new signalling equipment for free. There are no call costs. And there will be no increase to your annual monitoring charge.

Why use a BT Redcare system?

  • 35+ years’ alarm signalling experience
  • Enhanced signalling and encrypted from end-to-end
  • Products use little power and come in recyclable packaging

How can you arrange an alarm system upgrade?

1st Class Fire Protection is an authorised BT Redcare supplier and installer. To arrange your fire alarm system upgrade, you simply need to get in touch with 1st Class Fire Protection and our expert team will talk you through the next steps.

So, are you ready to get ahead of the crowd and keep your business protected?

1st Class Fire Protection is an industry-leading fire protection company serving customers throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, and the surrounding areas of Cambridgeshire. We are available to provide a full installation and support service for your monitored fire alarm upgrade. Book an appointment today to keep your business protected.

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