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Emergency Lighting Servicing

Servicing and testing of emergency lighting in Norwich, East Anglia and surrounding areas

Emergency lighting servicing

Emergency lighting testing and servicing

Our fire industry approved engineers have been testing and servicing emergency lighting for businesses of all sizes across Norwich, Norfolk, East Anglia and the South East for over 25 years.

All types of emergency lights tested and serviced

Experts in multiple site management

All legal documentation left on site

We recommend that your annual test is carried out by a fire safety professional, otherwise you risk being in breach of UK fire safety regulations which can bring tough penalties. Get in touch with 1st Class Fire Protection today to book your emergency lighting servicing today.
emergency lighting servicing

Emergency lighting serves a crucial role in ensuring the safety of occupants during emergencies, particularly by illuminating escape routes and aiding in locating fire-fighting equipment in the event of a fire. In accordance with UK fire safety regulations, emergency lighting must undergo an annual comprehensive test and be subjected to monthly ‘flick-testing’ which can be completed by your onsite fire marshal.

Typically, emergency lighting systems are powered by rechargeable batteries, which are capable of self-charging from the mains power or alternative power sources but will need checking on a regular basis to ensure they’re fully operational.

Emergency Lighting Servicing and Testing across East Anglia and the South-East.

Emergency lighting fixtures, use light fittings normally referred to as ‘luminaries’, and operate in either a ‘maintained’ mode, where they remain continuously on, or a ‘non-maintained’ mode, where they activate upon detecting a disruption in the main power supply.

Testing procedures ensure compliance with the applicable British Standard by simulating a mains power failure, verifying the functionality of the system and luminaries.

Our team can test all types of emergency lighting equipment at 1st Class Fire protection. We’ll help you with everything you need to ensure your property or commercial premises is protected and compliant with the latest regulations.

Why choose us for your emergency lighting servicing and testing?

Industry accredited servicing engineers

Fast response – get your annual service booked in

We can also service your fire alarm system or fire extinguishers whilst on site

All types of emergency lights tested and serviced

Experts in multiple site management

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LED emergency lighting

Testing & Servicing by industry-approved engineers

Experience hassle-free emergency lighting maintenance with our industry-approved engineers. With expertise in conducting both 1-hour and 3-hour tests, they arrive equipped with a variety of batteries, bulbs, and light fittings on their vans, ensuring swift resolution of any issues during the service, eliminating the need for return visits.

You can also stay rest assured, as our team meticulously records all findings in your fire safety log book and provides you with the necessary legal documentation before leaving your site. 

For any further questions or to get a FREE no obligation quote and schedule your testing and servicing for emergency lighting get in touch with our expert team today.

Emergency Lighting Testing & Servicing Frequently Asked Questions

We specialise in providing industry leading emergency lighting servicing at a competitive price. With our professional team at 1st Class Fire Protection, we meticulously assess your premises’ requirements to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

Our expert engineers take their jobs very seriously and take pride in leaving our customers fully compliant with the latest UK legislations and their buildings and teams safe.  

How often should emergency lighting be tested and serviced?

The frequency of testing varies based on the type of system in place, whether it’s maintained or non-maintained. However, as a rule of thumb, monthly testing is recommended alongside an annual comprehensive test, as outlined in BS 5266-1.

Monthly tests, also known as ‘flick tests’, involve a brief functional assessment to simulate mains power failure, ensuring that the emergency lights activate and illuminate properly. It’s crucial to use the designated device key, often referred to as a fish key, to conduct these tests safely. Records of these monthly tests must be maintained, noting any faults for prompt remediation.

During the annual test, the emergency lighting system is assessed for a continuous duration of three hours. The main lighting circuit is switched off, and the emergency lights remain illuminated throughout this period, adhering to BS 5266-1 standards. Any anomalies detected during this test should be promptly reported and addressed. These annual tests, along with any necessary remedial actions, should be carried out by a competent individual.

Where should emergency lighting be used?

There are four different types of emergency lighting that you may require within your business.

  • Escape route lighting. This is probably the most important and commonly used emergency lighting. And as the name implies, it illuminates fire escape routes and emergency exits.
  • Anti-panic lighting. Also known as open area emergency lighting, these lights are installed in open areas within a building, providing enough illumination to allow people to work out where they are, should an emergency happen.
  • High-risk task area lighting. This won’t be relevant to some businesses. But if you operate a space where employees carry out high-risk tasks – using machinery, tools, or other potentially risky equipment – in the event of an emergency, this lighting will keep the workspace properly lit for long enough for everyone to safely leave their workstations and exit the building.
  • Standby lighting. Although not a legal requirement, standby lighting can be really beneficial for businesses, especially those with internal workspaces without window access. If you ever have a power cut for any reason, this lighting will kick in.

Find out more from our blog or speak to our team today to find out the right emergency lighting required for your business.

Can you replace our emergency lights if they're no longer functional?

We use LED Emergency lighting fixtures, this ensure that in an emergency situation or an evacuation it is safer and more efficient for people to follow emergency lighting.

So if your current emergency lighting is no longer suitable for your needs when we look to service and test, our expert engineers can assist with ensuring your system is updated to the latest UK standards. Our engineers keep a wide variety of spares and products on their vans at each visit, so they may be able to resolve at the initial visit rather than rescheduling for another time.

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“Having only been with Harrods Aviation a short time I have found 1st Class Fire Protection extremely informative in terms of the existing maintenance agreement already in place. We cannot fault your response to any issues or level of professionalism from the head office to the onsite engineers”

Ian Miller

Harrods Aviation (Luton/Stansted Airports)

” We have used 1st Class Fire Protection Limited for the past few years, and have always received a professional and excellent service from them, on behalf of my clients.  Matthew and his team are very knowledgeable, and nothing seems too much trouble.  The response time to alarm activations is excellent, and they test equipment quarterly,  to ensure that compliance is maintained.  I would highly recommend 1st Class Fire Protection Limited.”

Andy Hart

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We have been working with 1st Class Fire Protection for 4 years and had nothing but positive experience. The team is very well organised and ensures that all of the necessary checks are done in timely manner, as well as never forgets to highlight any issues or concerns to be reviewed. We are very glad to have chosen 1st Class Fire Protection.”

Mohit Kadyan

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“Norwich University of the Arts has worked with 1st Class Fire for the last three years and found them very accommodating. Planned maintenance is programmed in with us and is always completed on time. In emergency situations, where we have problematic sounders/fire control systems, they have always responded in a timely manner. All their technicians are knowledgeable and courteous to all staff and students.“

Richard Smith

Norwich University Of The Arts – 12 Sites


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